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I became interested in modern Paganism around 1998, and it has been my primary spiritual orientation ever since.

Modern Paganism seeks to reclaim certain aspects of the pre-Christian religions of Europe and the Mediterranean, and similar indigenous religious and spiritual traditions from other parts of the world.

In particular, we honor the Earth and the natural world as sacred. Much of the crucial symbolism and imagery of our practice comes from nature: the cycles of the seasons and of the Moon, the everyday magic of plants and animals, and the basic physical elements of water, air, earth, and fire. Paganism affirms that all this world is alive, and that we are embedded in it and dependent on it.

We also seek to reclaim a nonpatriarchal view of human relationships and of deity. We relate to Spirit through Goddess concepts as well as (or in preference to) God concepts. This is not just theological "political correctness", as it seeks to go deeper and deconstruct patriarchal views of good and evil, sexuality, and power in society and in interpersonal relationships.

"Witchcraft" may seem a dramatic or intimidating word, but what it refers to is the folk practices that were used in ancient times (and still are used in some places) to heal and create change: herbalism, divination, magic, and communion with the spirits of plants, animals, and places. Such folk practices later became a threat to religious and political authorities, and were suppressed. Today, however, I find they have much to teach us.

The articles under this heading fall mostly in the categories of ritual and magic, although that is a somewhat arbitrary division. Everything on this site is interwoven with my spiritual practice.

Seasons of the Goddess/Seasons of the God new "folklore" stories for the Wheel of the Year

Sacred Space ideas for creating your own rituals

Earth Powers magical inspirations from nature

Moon Magic advice on using the sacred times of Dark Moon and Full Moon in Pagan practice

Rune Lore looking at the runes as both divination tool and as a key to creating magical change

More Paganism

Project Tilion: older web pages from previous incarnations of this site

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