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Discovering and Creating a Spirit-Filled Life

Like many men in our culture, I spent my young adulthood living a very focused, pragmatic existence that neither required nor welcomed anything spiritual. In fact, as a trained scientist, I attacked anything spiritual with the scathing and withering weapons of skepticism. In my middle years, however, I experienced a remarkable passage, finding a new view of the world and my place in it, and a new way of living.

My spirituality connects me with nature and humanity, it inspires, and it teaches me. My life today is richer in so many ways. I live each day in gratitude, with a sense of having come home to where I belong.

Is there a way to distill what I have learned along the way, so that others can benefit from it too? For awhile, I focused on sharing my insights and practices with others who had already chosen the same spiritual tradition as I had, Pagan witchcraft. Because I was talking with people who already shared my chosen practice, I didn't have to worry about seeming to proselytize (an activity which I greatly dislike). Not everyone chooses such a path, however, and I kept wondering if there was a way to make the good things I have learned over the years accessible to a broader range of people.

This series of articles is an attempt to do just that. Each article points to a spiritual doorway, a portal opening onto a larger, richer landscape of thought, practice, and being. I encourage you to look at these articles in the order presented, as the later ones build on the earlier ones.

Although intended to be useful for people on many different paths, this is not meant to be a "universal philosophy" or something of that sort. I expect these articles will resonate most with seekers who are just beginning to explore metaphysical, new age, or Pagan ideas. They will be of less interest to those who are already solidly committed to a particular belief system. I firmly believe that each and everyone of us has a different story to live, and for many of us, the path of life does not lead through these doors at all.

The First Door: Beliefs Are Tools

The Second Door: Everything Is Alive

The Third Door: We are Relational Beings

The Four Door: Change Complements Form

The Fifth Door: Transcendence Complements Engagement

The Sixth Door: We are Co-Creators

The Seventh Door: Love Knows the Way

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