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There are no horses in Hendir.

If there were, I don't think I would ride one.

The journey from Iphal to Cenir is a long day's walk.

A day walking is a day thinking.

If I rode a horse, I think would arrive in Cenir before noon,

And never have thought.


One spends hours, I am told, tending to a horse.

And then one imagines there are hours saved,

Because if I ride a horse I can come to Cenir before noon.

So I would plan to do something with the afternoon hours,

If I rode a horse.


More doing. Less thinking.

A day walking is a day thinking.

If no one is thinking, then no one is imagining.

If no one is imagining, then will not the world fade?

Perhaps not yet. There are no horses in Hendir.

The Imaginarium is a regular feature of Starweaver's Gems from Earth and Sky

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