Arilbred Dwarf and Median Checklist

I have long been a devotee of the smaller arilbreds. In 1980, The Medianite published the checklist of arilbred dwarfs and medians that I had compiled. An updated version was published in 1997. I have now brought it up to date through 2018:

A Checklist of Arilbred Dwarfs and Medians Through 2018 (pdf format)


You may also want to look at the accompanying articles, The Arilbred Median Story (a history of arilbred median breeding) and Coming to Terms with Arilbred Medians (the rationale for the classification system used in the checklist, included as an appendix to the checklist). I've also provided a short FAQ on the terminology (pdf).

Note: These supersede my 1997 checklist and article The Smaller Arilbreds (pdf).


 Tom Waters

October 2010

Updated October 2019

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