Meet My Tarot Decks

I don't intend this page to become a collection of deck "reviews". I think it is impossible to rate a tarot deck in the way one would rate a book or movie. Rather, these are personal impressions and thoughts about each of my own decks. I don't try to be objective, or even to "cover the bases" that a person interested in buying the deck might want to know. Still, these write-ups may be helpful, since each is based on actual use and familiarity with a deck I own and enjoy. I didn't just open the box, scan the cards, and make up something to say.

I've grouped my decks into three broad categories: modern, occult, and classic. I've written an essay to introduce each of these "genres", which are linked to the headings below.

Modern decks:

Occult decks:

Classic decks:

Non-Tarot decks:

Playing Cards:

I also have a few quick book reviews, limited to titles I think belong in any serious tarot library.

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