Eraser Carvings, Page 2


Prince of Cups. Made for the Maninni 3 collaborative tarot deck in March 2000.

Ferserhaff arms. Emblem for an imaginary country. April 2000.

More tarot postoids: The Moon and The Sun. April 2000.

Wedding doves. Made to commemorate my wedding anniversary. May 2000.

Thekashi coin. Made for the Carving Consortium coin swap, August 2000.

Year of the Snake. For the Carving Consortium swap, November 2000.

Calendar icons. I got to do little icons for the second half of the year in the carving consortium calendar project. November 2000.

Holiday card. We went multicultural with our holiday greetings for the new millenium. The image was stamped onto circular cards and embellished with a shiny bead at the center. December 2000.

Thekashi deities. A series of portraits of the Thekashi pantheon, still incomplete. To the left is ToKreten the creator (December 2000), to the right is ToTenemi the ruler (February 2001).

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